About Us

VSO "Visa Study Overseas" is an integrated education agency business offering guidance to Clients on studying abroad and offering various visa services, including tourist visas, student visas, work visas, and family visas. Our team consists of education consultants specialized in advising on studying abroad, as well as migration specialists who are highly experienced in assisting with visa applications.

Our team are able to provide highly tailored guidance based on the individual needs and circumstances of each Client, and we are able to put together plans for education pathways, including:

  • English language courses
  • Vocational skills courses
  • Higher education courses such as bachelors, masters, and doctorate programs
  • Combination courses and pathways

We assist with the application process and liaise with educational institutions in various fields. Our education and migration specialists also support our Clients with preparing visa applications.

VSO can also help Clients apply for a number of scholarships from various educational institutions, which users can choose based on their qualifications and suitability.

We also offer preparations for health insurance and provide various other services, such as airport transportation and arranging accommodation during studies.

Our Partners




" VSO is very attentive, most thoughtful, and makes documents without flaws. I feel very reassured that I chose VSO.” 

Sawita CHANPHO, Student


" I was thoroughly impressed with VSO. The team not only took exceptional care of me but also demonstrated genuine concern for my well-being. They guided me seamlessly through the entire process, from document preparation to the day I commenced my studies.”

NaransayaARIYAKULWONG, Student


“VSO addressed every question I had about studying abroad. I now find it much more seamless to pursue my studies with their support. Thank you VSO Team”

Supitcha SUKYING, Student

" Staff awesome!! She followed and looked my case every process. When I had question, she alway standby and support me. I feel really comfortable with staff at VSO. Thank you so much for take care my case. "

Piyathida YENSRI, Student

" Talking to various places, VSO is the most responsive. They provide genuine advice and are straightforward, recommending solutions that meet our needs. The team is lovely, responds quickly to chats, and is open to any questions. They provide preparation suggestions beforehand, so choosing their service was not disappointing at all. If you’re looking for visa consultation, I highly recommend them "

Amon In-Lom, Student


" I am someone who tends to be very picky. What made me decide to choose VSO is because they are very enthusiastic. No matter what I ask, they always respond promptly. Moreover, they take very good care of me, providing excellent guidance for further studies and preparing documents very well. "

Nantikorn KAOPATTANASKUL, Student

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